Our Mission

The iMPACTFUL Fund connects people who want to inspire global change and creatives who have powerful stories that can unite us and transform communities.

Guiding Principles

Supporting Stories

We support stories that inspire social change and positive action,  The programs and partners we support share the same mission to help people feel, reflect and be inspired to make change for the better, both for themselves and others, and we follow up with resources and tools to create, balance, human connection and long lasting impact.

Enhancing and Measuring our Impact

We know that film is even more transformative and powerful when watched within a community (in-person and online). We accompany all film programs with a guided discussion, Q&A, and tools and materials to keep the conversation going. 2022 marks the launch of  The Creative Coping Toolkit a dedicated year long SEL online learning program to accompany each film, which will shift the learning into long-term, habitual positive change. We measure our impact and are always happy to share our learnings, as well as partner with institutions who have screened our programs to measure long-term impacts.

Increasing Access to our Film Programs and Tools

We help subsidize the cost of film programs in schools. Since 2011, the IndieFlix Foundation has worked with philanthropic partners to provide film based mental health film programming to underserved, overlooked communities, who tend to struggle to get mental health support.  If your school or community group would like to learn more, or donate to a an underserved community, please get in touch at

Impact of Angst

Are more open to talking about anxiety
Are more likely to reach out to help others struggling with anxiety
Will adopt coping tools mentioned in the film
Think Angst is helpful for kids and teens

Impact of LIKE

Think LIKE would be helpful for parents and adults
Think social media is to blame for the rise in anxiety
Will use social media differently after seeing LIKE
Think LIKE should be shown in every organization or school

Impact of The Upstanders

Said The Upstanders changed the way they look at bullying behavior
Said the film provided helpful tools & tips on how to be an Upstander
Iintend to practice some of the tools & tips from the film
Think The Upstanders should be shown at every organization or school

OVER 55,000

women at over 1000 events in all 50 states and over 35 countries have screened and been inspired by The Empowerment Project.



students in 7000 schools spanning 7 countries have seen Finding Kind.



strongly agreed that after watching Finding Kind they no longer want to participate in gossip, drama or bullying.



media impressions around the world.


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